Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Yeah! What an awesome time I had learning Introduction to Fusing

This glass was at Warner Stained Glass with instructor Dawn Grello   

Dawn is an awesome instructor.  I learned so much from her in such a short 3 hour class. For only $40.00 I got a 3 hour class, which cover all the fundamentals of fusing from kiln preparation and operation to what’s better: kiln wash or fire paper; from glass compatibility to decorating with frit and stringers. You learn about the different firing schedules by creating a 3” x 3” magnet and a pendant using frit, stringers and noodles.  All materials were included. Tools were available to use in the classroom.

I just love love love my fused glass necklace!

Woo Woo Me!  Yes I did I jewled it up with a cute little owl.


bumblebee said...

beautiful. The owl is a great idea.

Claire said...

Nice work!