Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kisses to Heaven Mosaic piece

I'm so happy with my fiery piece "Kisses to Heaven" and "Free Spirit".  My only son Chris passed away on Dec. 5, 2010 so this has been a hard year.  I find great pleasure and closeness when I'm working on a new mosaic.  My son was a gifted artist since I can remember.  I knew I had a very special boy when he was three years old and only colored in the lines and made sure his other young friends did the same.  As time went on he grew into an awesome artist.  I miss him joining me in my studio and commenting on my new piece.  So now I can only speak to Chris spiritually and push myself to create a mosaic piece better then the first and I love it and find great comforted in getting lost in my creation .

Kisses to Heaven
Measure 16" by 20"

Measures 16" by 20"

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Claire DeRosa said...

Your work is so beautiful. I would like to follow ur blog. So when u have it where I can follow I will. My heart also goes out to you for the loss of your son. Love n Light, Claire