Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What a creative group of students who attended the Adult School of Montclair for my Mosaic 101 class in March 2009। Mosaic 101 is a beginner class which students learn the basic of the art of

Each received a beginner mosaic which contained - Italian glass tiles and many sizes and colors, ceramic tiles shapes, glass gem circles butterfly, flowers, and stars।, mixed of small mirrors, and a porcelain plate. Plus the mosaic surface that was a 10” mirror frame.

Courses: create: arts & crafts
Discover the joys of mosaic design. Learn the basics of cutting techniques, placing tiles, gluing, and grouting as you create a 10-inch frame. No art or mosaic experience is required.
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Monday, March 9, 2009

How To Use Tempered Glass

Picture Frame

Stepping Stone

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Picture Frame

How to use

Tempered glass can be glued over pictures, decorative papers, or painted surfaces. Let your imagination be your guide Tempered glass can be painted with glass paints before gluing.
Breaking is sometimes easier when tapping a corner with a hammer instead of aiming for the
middle. Break with glass inside a garbage bag or similar for easy containment.

Clear adhesives to use for glass on glass:

Weldbond - It's major advantage is it's non-toxicity.
Bond527 - clear, fast-setting, but requires adequate ventilation.
Silicone - clear, but requires adequate ventilation.
Lexel - clear, but requires adequate ventilation.
Epoxy - type of glue or sealant that is generally mixed from two separate parts:
a resin and a hardener.

Courses: create: arts & crafts

Mosaic Stepping Stone [210080] Create a 12 inch outdoor stepping stone using tempered glass. This material catches and reflects the light, creating a breathtaking addition to any living space. Add pictures, paints, glitter, and other materials to make your stone truly unique.
Tuesday, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM; 2 sessions starting April 21, 2009, ending April 28, 2009 Cost $45 , Materials Fee $10 Instructor: Eleanor Parr-DiLeo Location: Montclair - George Inness Annex Important: A materials fee of $10 is payable to the instructor first day of class.

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My lastes piece.
Materials - Stain GlassSize - 11 x 14 inchesFrame - 20 x 16 inches Wood Frame
I have added blue glitter glue on top of the already grout line.
As you can see it gives the Charlie a cool shimmer effect.
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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sumukha First Mosaic Piece.

Mosaic with stained glass, tiles, tempered glass, etcsize 4ftX4ft-"Kalia Mardhan" The scene is from Krishna's childhood. Krishna Subduing the evil snake Kalia. the mythology goes like this- Kalia was a several headed snake living in the waters of the lake which was poisoned with his venom. Anybody who drinks from the lake died. People near around the lake pleaded Krishna to help. Krishna was only a small kid, but fought with Kalia, subdued him and danced on his head. Kalia humbled, decided to share the lake with the villagers.

Great Job Sumukha! I can't wait to see what you create next.
Ciel Gallery & Studio

1519 Camden Road
Charlotte, NC 28203

My art piece Meander has been selected for exhibition!.

Showcasing 20 artists from across North America, and their creations from stone, grasses, twigs, flora, fibers, thorns, plant dyes, jute, wood, shell, gemstones and minerals. Free receptions on First Fridays (March 6, April 3, May 1) 6:00 - 9:00 PM. Family friendly! Exhibit ends May 1.

Exhibiting Artists:

Lynn Adamo, OR; Tina and Juan Alberni, NC; Susan Springer Anderson, NY; Jeannette Brossart, NC; Annie Burke-Thomas, GA; Sophie Drouin, Canada; Virginia Gardner, VA; Pamela Goode, NC; Gretchen Kauffman, NC; Kris Kessey, CA; Ken Knowlton, NJ; Eleanor Parr-DiLeo, NJ; Lisa M. Penny, CT; Rachel Sager, PA; Dotti Stone, VA; Kate Strickland, Quebec, Canada; Brooks Tower, OK; Deborah Carlson Wight, TX; Rebecca Ruige Xu, MO; Amber Zavada, VA.

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