Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What a creative group of students who attended the Adult School of Montclair for my Mosaic 101 class in March 2009। Mosaic 101 is a beginner class which students learn the basic of the art of

Each received a beginner mosaic which contained - Italian glass tiles and many sizes and colors, ceramic tiles shapes, glass gem circles butterfly, flowers, and stars।, mixed of small mirrors, and a porcelain plate. Plus the mosaic surface that was a 10” mirror frame.

Courses: create: arts & crafts
Discover the joys of mosaic design. Learn the basics of cutting techniques, placing tiles, gluing, and grouting as you create a 10-inch frame. No art or mosaic experience is required.
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Michele said...

Looks like a fun class! I am considering teaching my first mosaic class in May in my studio. You have inspired me to start working on that idea. Hope you're having a great weekend. ~Michele

Pam Givens said...

Looks like you had some happy students with some very nice mirrors to take home. Nice job.